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Jewelry Repair | Roth Jewelry - Overland Park, KS

Sometimes you take a bracelet out of your jewelry box only to notice that it doesn’t gleam with quite the same brilliance. Sometimes you reach for your favorite necklace only to discover that the clasp is broken. Sometimes you gift your special someone a ring only to learn that it is a size too big. Whatever your jewelry repair needs, Roth Jewelers is here to help.

Some of our jewelry repair services include:

Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing - Sometimes a necklace, bracelet, or ring is in good working order, but needs a bit of buffing to truly shine. Our jewelry experts will return your jewels to their former glory.

Clasp Replacement - Broken clasps are annoying but easy to fix. Bring your broken clasps to us and we will replace them without delay.

Ring Sizing - Have you recently inherited a family heirloom, only to discover it doesn’t fit? Did a gift giver get the wrong size? Never fear! We can adjust any ring to suit your finger.

Stone Replacement - Do you love the setting but hate the stone? Did your favorite ring lose its gem? We can replace your stone quickly and efficiently.

Prong Re-tipping - Have you lost a prong? Have you noticed a prong that is bent out of shape? We will replace your old prongs and ensure that your jewels are safely encased.

Many pieces of jewelry have sentimental value. We understand this, and we work hard to preserve the integrity of your jewelry. We have spent years repairing, cleaning, and restoring jewelry to its former luster. If you have a piece in need of repair, come to Roth Jewelers today! Whether you need a ring sized, a clasp fixed, or a favorite bracelet polished, our expert jewelers are up to the task. We promise that our diligent attention to detail and fine craftsmanship will leave you satisfied.